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What Is a Peer?

A Peer Recovery Specialist uses lived experience to support individuals with substance use, mental health, or co-occurring disorders. Peers assist with exploring recovery options, advocate, offer insight and assist with resources. They use a strengths-based approach to help participants fill gaps in skills and achieve success through partnership. 

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Job Board

If you are looking for a career opportunity, volunteer role, or position using your Peer certification, check out who is looking for someone like you! 


Becoming a Peer Recovery Specialist can be achieved through various routes and with several different certification and credentialing organizations.

About Us/Our Mission

The Minnesota Peer Resource Hub’s mission is to serve Peer’s throughout Minnesota by providing up to date information, education, and career resources. Peers utilize evidence-based information to create beneficial resources and support. Peers work within peer recovery organizations, local substance use centers, mental health services, treatment providers and facilities, and managed care organizations and in many other roles in various settings.

The role of the Minnesota Peer Resource Hub is two-fold:

  1. Support anyone interested in learning more about becoming a Peer, by providing career pathways, and detailed information about the certification process and options, and provide resources to assist you on your journey.
  2. Support anyone with a Peer certification, by providing information and resources for maintaining their certification and growing within their career.

Make a Difference in Recovery: Become a Peer

You can make a positive impact in the lives of individuals recovering from substance use disorder, mental health, or family challenges by becoming a peer in your community. Join the effort to promote healthy living and wellness by sharing your own experience and offering support to others on their journey. By becoming a peer, you have the opportunity to empower and inspire others to overcome their obstacles and achieve their recovery goals.